Our dishes are made with love and care


Canapés & Starters

Tawooq Chicken
juicy grilled chicken covered with spicy salsa
Chicken Satay
skewered chicken seasoned and battered
Chicken Tikka
cubed chicken cooked with spice on a barbecue
Malai Chicken Tikka
chunks of chicken coated with cream cheese and fresh lime, cumin and herbs
Roast Chicken
chicken roasted in authentic spices and herbs
Tandoori Chicken
chicken marinated and cooked in juicy spices
Tuskai Chicken
drumsticks – roasted in oven with ground spice
Chicken Chamak
battered deep fried chicken coded with fresh spices

Lamb Chops
delicious mouth watering tender lamb chops grilled with ground spices
Lamb Tikka
cubed lamb cooked with spices
Chapli Kebab
lamb mince garnished in freshly chopped herbs & authentic spices
Sheek Kebab
handmade, freshly spiced and grilled on a barbecue
Shamee Kebab
lamb minced blend in chana daal & fresh spices
Koftah Kebab
succulent lamb minces patties garnished with fresh selected spices

Salmon Grill
delicate chunks of salmon garnished and lightly spiced then carefully grilled
Masala Fish
fried fish with mixed spices
Fish Pakora
diced fish battered and deep fried
Fish Tikka
delicate fish marinated with fresh herbs and spices
Prawn Butterfly
deep fried battered prawns in bread crumbs

Vegetable Samosa
savoury triangular shaped pastry filled with vegetables
Aloo Tikka
deep-fried mashed potato battered in spices and breadcrumbs
Aloo Papri Chaat
chickpeas, papris & potatoes covered in yogurt
Chilli Paneer
Indian cottage cheese diced and garnished in gentle spices
Vegetable Pakora
crispy vegetable crumbles deep-fried
Vegetable Spring Rolls
crispy, deep-fried with vegetable filling
Onion Bhaji
finely sliced onion drizzle with light ground spices and deep-fried

Chicken Kucuk
bite sized chicken covered in fine spices
Kasis Chicken
melted chicken breast finely sliced
Chana Couscous
chickpeas & couscous
Kala Chohla
black petit chickpeas
Meat Chakra Bites
mini shaped mince
Prawn Tempura
battered prawns
Chingri Noodles
prawn & noodles
Macchli Tukra
sliced fish
Paneer Tikka
Indian cottage cheese
Mini Burger
handmade petit burgers
Sabji Pakora
crispy vegetable crumbles deep-fried
lentils and onion crunchy bites
Pani Puri
hollow puffed puri filled with vegetable snacks
triangular shaped savoury pastry filled with vegetables
Fish ‘n’ Chips
traditional fish ‘n’ chips

Mains, Rice & Salads

Murgh Bhuna
chicken cooked in fine spice enrich with fresh curry leafs
Karahi Chicken
ground spices roasted in karahi cooked in thick medium sauce
Chicken Jalfrezi
fried spices with fresh garlic and roasted chilli garnish with coriander and pepper
Murgh Masala
chicken marinated with selected ground spices and cooked in medium thick sauce
Chicken Korma
distinctive Deshi style korma, enticing with aromatic blend of spices
Chicken Makhani
simmering in butter creamy flavour gravy imbedded in aromatic spices
Palak Chicken
fresh spinach cooked with medium spices
Achari Chicken
homemade pickle blend in thick medium sauce
Jeera Chicken
oven roasted cumins and mixed herbs cooked in special blended thick gravy
Chicken Satkora
highly fragranced deshi citric fruit blend in thick fine deep sauce
Chicken Rasooni
distinctive flavour of aromatic spices seasoned with Roasted garlic

Karahi Gosht
ground spices roasted in karahi cooked in thick medium sauce
Meat Bhuna
tender meat cooked in thick gravy seasoned with fresh herbs
Meat Satkora
highly fragranced Deshi citric fruit blend in thick fine deep sauce
Achari Gosht
tender meat cooked with homemade pickle in thick medium sauce
Kadu Gosht
pumpkins cubes cooked slowly with fresh blend of spices
Saag Gosht
distinctive tender meat and fresh spinach uniquely cooked with aromatic spices & garnished
Methi Gosht Masala
succulent aromatic flavoured with fenugreek leaves
Meat Jalfrezi
tender meat cooked with fried spices, roasted chilli garnish with coriander & pepper
Daal Gosht
tender meat cooked with medium spice and chana daal
Adraak Gosht
simmering fine ginger uniquely blend in fresh herbs garnished with coriander

Prawn Saag
spinach and prawns
Masala Fish
boneless fish cooked with special spice and fresh herbs
King Prawn Jalfrezi
King Prawn Masala
King Prawn Bhuna
King Prawn Saag
Fish Koftah Masala
Machli Chilli Masala

Vegetable Bhaji
Vegetable Jalfrezi
Vegetable Karahi
Saag Aloo
Aloo Begon Masala
Aloo Chana Saag
Roasted Vegetables
Paach Misali Sabji
Deshi Sabji
Palak Paneer
Paneer Masala
Bindi Masala
Tarka Daal
Daal Makani
Kadu Masala
Aloo Potol

Lamb Biryani
Chicken Biryani
Keema Pulao
Lamb Akhni
Murgh Pulao
Vegetable Pulao
Saffron Pulao
Pulao Rice
Mothi Pulao
White Rice
Brown Pulao
Naan Bread

Fresh Green Salad
Rocket Salad
Mediterranean Salad
Greek Mixed Salad
Sweet Chilli Sauce
Emli Sauce
Green Chutney
Garlic Sauce
Mint Sauce
Cucumber & Mint Raitha
Onion & Cucumber Raitha
Tomato & Jeera Raitha


Caramel Cupcakes
Gajar Halwa
Suji Halwa
Trio Pana Cotta
Lava Dome
Fresh Fruit Tarts
Cheese Tarts
Gulam Jamun
Sweet Yogurt in Clay Pots
Fruit Salad
Ice Creams


Food made with love & passion

We have over 40 years of experience in the catering sector. Each and every employee at Eastern Pride is dedicated to excellence in the products served and the services provided. Eastern Pride uses only the freshest and highest quality ingredients.

Our chefs are highly skilled and trained with qualifications for maintaining high standards of food handlings awareness, health & safety awareness and food safety management in catering industries regulation to give complete security & satisfaction.

Eastern Pride is committed to making each event unique and the best our clients and their guests have ever attended.